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"The Single best thing that ever happened to me in my drag racing life" quotes Tommy Ivo "was to have the opportunity to display the sum total of my life, for everyone to see, in the NHRA TV Tommy Ivo Exhibit, 2002 to 2003"

The WALLY PARKS-NHRA Motorsports Museum opened in 1998 and as their first grand exhibit, they choose TV Tommy Ivo to be the subject for the display. The Ivo exhibit encompassed a full half of the Hall of Champions during the 2002-2003 run.

Building the exhibit, Steve Gibbs laid out the wall pictures.  Wally and Barbara Parks had to give final approval the day before it opened and we took this group photo with Wally, Barbara, Steve Gibbs and museum curator Greg Sharp. Check out the little plexiglass encased tuxedo  on the back wall.  That was Tommy's costume from his movie days, the first time he was on the BIG STAGE.

Friday night of the Winter Nationals was the GRAND OPENING, and the Who's Who of drag racing was there for this first gala event. The fans were packed to the rafters and at times even had to wait in line to get in!

WHAT A SHOW: Memorbila was in the glass show case. Ivo's racing career in hundreds of photos on the center pin wheel display. The left TV had movie film clips playing and movie posters behind it. The right side did the same, but with Drag Racing footage and posters.

YET, THERE WAS SOMETHING MISSING!!! Tommy called up Don Garlits and borrowed his twin engine car from his museum. Made it NEW, then into TV Tommy Ivo's Exhibit it went. With VP Gibbs, Curator Sharp and a proud TV Tommy Ivo shown in this photo.

THAT DID THE TRICK - this was one BAD ASS display! It set the bar pretty high as easily the most spectacular single person's exhibit in the entire twenty-five year history of the NHRA Museum. Ivo holds his head pretty high, seeing the recognition for each of his two-decades-long careers.

IT'S BAAACK!!! Tommy's favorite acting job was a big time stage play he did when he was nine years old. Now this wasn't exactly Broadway, but it wasn't chopped liver either, and Ivo "ate it up with a spoon". He was back on stage once again - SHAZAM...!!!

But like the stock market, what goes up must come down, and came the day when the museum had to move on to the next exhibit. But, Tommy took this with his usual wink and a smile - NOT!!! It's really sad to see a seventy-year old man SOB...!!!

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