After Tommy retired, he didn't go to the races for ten years - he couldn't just go out and WATCH...!!! But when they put him in the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame in 1991 at the inaugural induction ceremonies, they opened a Pandora's box. Over the years he's been repeatedly honored at this Int'l Drag Racing HOF. He frequently attends a myriad of other special events and displays, from one end of the county to the other - even across the pond to England.

TV Tommy Ivo was back again - TO DO MORE THAN JUST "WATCH"...!!!

1964 England Racing Exhibit


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One of the five best things that every happened to TV Tom was when he went to England with the US Drag Team (with ten cars from five classes) to show the Limeys what Drag Racing was all about. And he knocked their socks off...!!!



Ivo beat Garlits three of the five events to win the series. Being the only two Top Fuel dragsters put them at the top of the food chain in popularity with the fans. But it was heart stopping to get the trailers on board ship.



On deck George Montgomery, KS Pittman, Garlits, Ivo, Dave Strickler and their crews  take a photo.  Ivo and Buddy Martin were assigned to this table and Tom McCourry (Ivo's crew guy) hit the deck chairs after dinner.



The best surprise of the trip was to meet Formula One Champion Sir Stirling Moss in the pits. Wally Parks and Ivo watched Tony Nancy run his rear engine dragster there - yes rear engine - seven (7) years before Garlits built his!




But the thrill of the trip was when Ivo took a ride on a side car bike. No seat belts, just laying on a platform hanging on to a bar with his legs dangling out in the breeze (from the knees down) at 112 mph!!! But, notice the driver holding his right leg straight in the lower left photo.  He wanted to give Tommy an EXTRA good ride and stayed on it past the finish line on that very long track. Which indeed scared TV enough to beat on this guys leg to shut if off - which he didn't - because it was a "wooden leg " and he couldn't feel a thing!  It was a very long time before Ivo took a ride with anyone else!!! 




2008 England Encore Exhibit


The Barnstormer went back to England again, along with the four engine car clone. For the huge, extremely prestigious, Good Wood Festival of Speed. With twelve cars put on a mock drag strip setting laid down for that event only.


Hundreds of Cackle Fests have been attended since 2008. This is The Night of Fire at Escondido and below the 4th of July at CBS studios. The crowd jump in unison when the throttle it punched to Ivo's great joy. YES!!


TV Tom's first trip to the National Roadster Show. Yielded as good a results as you could ask for. He took both 1st AND 2nd place in his class. With the 1st place Four Engine Car and Barnstormer just finished clones...


Ron Johnson did a bang up job of restoring Ivo's original glass sided trailer.  And after being a smash hit at both the CHRR reunion and the World Finals nationals. He took 1st place in class as a encore performance.


Ron Johnson and Tommy Ivo have made a hell of a team since Ron built the Barnstormer clone in 2007. He's had it all over the nation for numerous events. Here they're seen doing a Cackle Fest in front of the stands.


NHRA was celebrating it's 60th anniversary. And in conjunction with each national event. They would make different various historical legends of drag racing, Grand Marshal's and honorary starters for that event.

It was TV Tom's turn at Zmax Dragway. And he did a book signing that had just been published as well. He even lived through a press conference with John Force in attendance, with only minor bumps and bruises!!!

After leading the Sunday TRACK WALK. Ivo's idea was to start the first burnout with an old time flag. And standing on a four foot platform at the starting line. The cars about blew him off the stand at that angle.


For NHRA's year long 60th Birthday at THE nations in Indianapolis. They had an ON TRACK Cackle Fest for the auspicious occasion. If anyone had leaked oil on the race track. It would've been -- OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!


Although the World Finals was run at many various drag strips over it's 50 years of  existence. The past 35 years it's been held at Pomona Drag Strip. And Ivo was proud to be one of the seven headliners of the event.

The weekend festivities started off with a bang and a very large, enthusiastic audience of fans in a huge special tent. Ivo wondered if the two Don's disliked him watching them from his place on the backdrop sign.

Ron Johnson restored Ivo first glass trailer and while taking it to the staging lanes.  You couldn't help but be amazed at what was the STATE OF THE ART trailer 50 years ago. And what they use for PRO STOCK cars now.

Tom McEwen, Linda Vaughn and Ivo ROAD for the morning track walk. While the rig waited in the staging lanes. Tony Schumachers-now-BADDEST BEAR IN THE WOODS car is to the far right. What a difference 50 years makes.

But when Ivo jumped up on the top of his-then-BADDEST BEAR IN THE WOODS car & rig and towed up the track. The fans tore the house down.  And the more he waved and pumped his fists at them. The more they did it back!

But for the final event TAA DAA. Was the in front of the stands cackle fest and he showed the crowd with that BIG SMILE of his. Just how good it feels to a 78 year old racer. How great it is to be remembered. SHAZAM!!!

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