THE ULTIMATE TRIBUTE is to have someone brand themselves for life with a tattoo of your race car. Now that's a BIG, BIG fan. Here's a tattoo of TV Tommy Ivo's legendary Twin Buick Dragster, seen at the 2004 CHRR reunion - WOW...!!! Yes Tom was sunburned.

Not again...!!! This tattoo was of Ivo's single engine Buick dragster and was seen at the 2006 California Hot Rod Reunion (CHRR). This guy wasn't even born yet when this car was running! Yup, Tom's sunburned again - *vampires don't take to the sun much!

*TV Tommy Ivo has a "Transylvania Schedule" - sleeps during the day, comes alive when the sun goes down...

In 2007, Ivo went to the Nat'l Hot Rod Reunion (NHRR) at Columbus, Ohio. Robert Butler surprised him with this very nifty tattoo of TV Tom's Funny Car doing a fire burnout - on his wrist! This was all before the kids used so many tattoos as is popular today.

In 2014 another guy showed up with TV Tommy Ivo's twin engine Buick dragster, this time at the CHRR reunion. He had Ivo sign it, then had the artist tattoo over the top of his signature. Now there's a autograph that will be around for a while...

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