In 1992 Ivo received the very first NHRA Lifetime Achievement Award at the first CHRR Reunion in Bakersfield, CA. It sits together with his most prized awards on his kitchen entrance divider counter.


In 1995 the CHRR Reunion created the TV TOMMY IVO SPOTLIGHT AWARD, named in Ivo's honor - this overwhelmed him with pride. He was the first recipient, it continues to feature *other racers each year since then.


In 2001 the restored (now Garlits owned) Twin Engine Buick dragster was displayed in the event hotel lobby. That was the year the builder Kent Fuller was given the Spotlight award. Really fun fans attend the reunions.


In 2007, the CHRR Spotlight Award went to the US Drag RACING TEAM of 1964-65. This Team included, among others, Grumpy Jenkins and TV Tommy Ivo. They are shown here on stage, then later on that night Ivo's dragster was fired up...!!!

For the icing on the cake, the (just completed) clone of Ivo's four engine dragster was exhibited in the event hotel lobby during the Friday night awards. Tommy was also the highlight of the Cackle Fest outside after...

This was a special year at the Reunion for Ivo, with all the cars there TV Tommy celebrating fifty-five (55) years since he started racing! He gave away free commemorative posters - it was a VERY long line to get them.

While Tommy was signing posters, the Ivo (clone) dragster and Garlits car (the ones they took to England) sat on display behind him. And then came the fun part of the whole day - the night time Cackle Fest...!!!

Ivo's Barnstormer debuted at Columbus earlier that year. But this was the first time (at age 71) that he finally got to drive his very own car in CHRR's Caskle Fest. And he was in Doggie Heaven...!!!


2008 brought yet another Ivo extravaganza to the CHRR, when Bruce Larson (the present owner) came out there with Ivo's rear engine car. Tommy had three cars on display that year and had two of them in the Cackle Fest...!!!


In 2014 the quintessential Ivo display was debuted at the CHRR. This is his original restored glass sided trailer carrying his first fuel dragster. At 78 years young - TV Tom has never had a bigger smile on his face.


The owner Ron Johnson arrived at the event hotel just as dusk was hitting, and the rig was placed at the front door. With the inside lights ablaze, it WOW'd the fans just as much as it had done fifty years ago.






Here it sits poised in the staging lanes, awaiting night fall and the Cackle Fest parade of cars. TV Tommy Ivo's rig "tore the roof off the house" when it came around the corner lit up like a jeweled show case...






After starting the parade, Ron and Tom had to hot foot it back to the pits to unload the Barnstormer! It then was placed at the back in the staging lanes for the Grand Finale of the parade for the Cackle Fest...!!!









What an amazingly great day was had by everyone. Shown below, all tucked away in the box and ready for the trip back home - it leaves this question behind; where do you go from here to top THIS act...??? SHAZAM...!!!




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