Everybody has a trophy room, and Tommy's no exception. He carefully selects from the piles of things he has and only puts items on display that are near and dear to his heart. Ever want a good chess game challenge? Stop by and see how you do!

There are pencil and chalk drawings, photos, paintings, models and helmets. The bent up dragsters nose piece on the opposite wall is from the seven sequence crash shots shown below. Great memories, great times, great life.

Shown here is the IVO EXHIBIT from the NHRA museum. The gloves he burned on the starting line after his last run and the nose of a funny car after a gigantic fire. It all comes back to TV Tommy Ivo every time he walks into this room...

Ivo wore these goggles when the windshield caved in on him. This jacket was before "TV Tommy" when he was known as "Poison Ivo". The first model depicts racing Garlits in England, the second is against Prudhomme in the first side-by-side seven-second run...!!!

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