tom-foo-luh-ree noun
foolish or crazy behavior; tomfoolishness.

aka *TV-Tom-foolery

Ivo was a cartoon* in himself...!!! He thinks he did one too many situation comedies during his acting career because he saw funny in everything. While changing engines one night, he spotted an old wood cart. Naturally, they took the time to set up this picture.



His huge signature smile was depicted in this characterization. This image was included in the TV Tommy Ivo PRESS KITS created by the media division people inside The Chrysler Corporation walls. These PRESS KITS were then sent (in advance of his appearances) to each racetrack. HOW DARE THEY...!!!



Now, sometimes they got a little carried away in the newspapers, as in this cartoon that was put in an Amarillo, Texas paper before he raced Bobby Lanley. Ivo didn't agree that they hit real life, but it really was spot-on. HOW DARE THEY AGAIN...!!!



Then there's this devilishly talented fan of Ivo's named Jeffery DeGradis, who sits down and spits drawings out like he's writing up his grocery list. Ivo, who says TV Tommy can't draw a straight line, takes his hat off to this talented individual.



Jeffery DeGradis drew up this picture of Ivo and Garlits playing bumper cars at the Columbus reunion Cackle Fest one year. Garlits made the mistake of stopping in front of TV Tommy, so Ivo then made SWAMP RAT ROAD KILL out of him. YES...!!!



Pete Millar was the quintessential cartoon master of his time. Just take a look at the detail he puts into on these drawings. That were all amusing stories BTW. Of course, out comes Ivo's toothy smile again. DAMN...!!!



Pete's story (below) is loosley based on a similar accident, with TV Tommy Ivo and Tom McCourry as the main players. Roland Leong was the driver. Shown in the last sequence are (left to right) Gary Beck, Big Jim Dunn, Don Garlits and Ed McCulloch.


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