Tommy now set the bar even higher when he came out with the FIRST of the touring big rigs...!!! Unfinished, it showed one axle in the drawing. But it was too heavy for just one and had to have a second axle added.



This rig not only carried two dragsters, but also carried a Corvette on the roof...!!! It sported a home-away-from-home sleeping compartment with all the amenities; including TV, microwave, two beds and A/C.



Ivo finally had the perfect rig. But the salesman (?) told him to not put the power steering option because it would drift around on the hyway. Try maneuvering this puppy around the pits without power-steering...!!!



The hand loading ramps were a hassle. Plus, it was really spooky, backing the Corvette off the roof, because you couldn't see the ramps from the car and had to just back it off into thin air...!!! The 'Vette was used a push car at the racetrack, then a town-car when the rig was on display.



It was a dazzler, though. The fans jaws would hit the ground when Tommy pulled into the pits. Then, he'd light it up at night while going down the turnpike - it would set the CB radios on fire with comments from the truckers.



When we dropped it off to the new owner, my crew guy, Tarzan, spit on it before it drove away. HE DID NOT LIKE THAT TRUCK...!!!

BELOW:  Ken Brodsky built a model of the rig that was unbelievable...


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