This trailer carried two dragsters, (again) the first of it's kind. At that time, they were still using steel blocks, so if you just burned a piston it required an engine change. Two racecars was a must with as many race-dates as TV Tommy Ivo ran, and as hard as he ran his racecars (that gotta' WIN thing).



Tommy put a window in the side of this one, but all it showed was the ugly insides of a dragster trailer with all the mechanism required to run the elevator for the second car. So he sealed it with a wheelstand photo of his dragster!



Then Cadillac came out with a sports car, the Eldorado. Tommy had to have one, and broke open the piggy bank to buy it. With the candy apple red paint job, the Eldo got almost as much attention as the dragster...!!!



The trailer was sold to George (The Bushmaster) Schreiber for his dragster, and George rebuilt it into a glass sided trailer. It could only carry one racecar then, which made it unuseable for Tommy...


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