Tommy would use this tow bar to move his T roadster around during construction, also when he'd take it to the drag strip for a day of racing. But it was still a pure street-roadster.



He used this bare essentials trailer for his first tour with Don Prudhomme as his crew guy. It had a steel box on the tongue for spare parts and two short blocks hung under the dragster. Note the wooden loading ramps.


With no interstates in those days, and lots of "unknowns" to keep you alert - there was always another surprise just around the corner! The tools were in the trunk and the cloths were in the roof carrier, along with an engine cover in case of rain.



This four engine car trailer was just a heavy duty version of the twin engine one. Don Prudhomme and Tom McCourry are seen here making the best of a rained out race in Colorado, while the engine(s) cover does its job.



They hadn't painted the trailer yet. Because of Ivo's movie conflicts / commitments, Prudhomme was driving the racecar. As you can see, drivers and owners don't alway see eye to eye when rain kills the paycheck size and they have to negotiate "who gets what"...



This was the last of the open trailers. Tommy toured a full season with a spare motor in the steel box and carried the nitro in jeep cans. Small parts, polishing cloths (+rags) and tools were in the trunk, and it worked! AMAZING...!!!


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