2007 Buick Showboat - REBORN - The original Showboat had been made into the Wagon Master. It was susequently reproduced as the dragster version for the new owner (of the previous Wagon Master) to assemble and display in his museum.



Tommy had starting building a copy of the Showboat a decade earlier. However, the project was soon abandoned and just laid outside of his shop, turning to rust. That all changed when the new museum wanted TV's "most-unique" of all Drag Race vehicles.



Here you see the original Showboat with the body off, and the copy of it half way through the reproduction project. The "Re-Pop" came out spot-on - having the original there to copy made it incredibly exact...



Bruce Dyda did both Kent Fullers chassis and Bob Sorrell's body work this time around. Tommy Ivo has never seen any one person with such an abundance of automotive talent! Bruce Dyda is skilled at everything there is to be done on fabricating a race car.



The work of Bruce Dyda just oozes quality when it comes to workmanship. Old parts were hard to find,so he re-casted all the covers and even made the magnetos from scratch! Don't even mention all of the other details...



Here you see poor, poor Dyda (just kidding) staring off into space after he just finished assembling the dragster. He had to be thinking -- "that was a job for Superman!" (and Tommy adds) -- "AND HE ACCOMPLISHED IT IN SPADES!!!"



This picture was taken just as the Showboat rolled out of the door of Dyda's shop. The ironic part of this was that the new owner had to give up on his museum project and sold this car to yet ANOTHER new owner.



The new owner allowed TV Tommy to display the reborn Showboat in the NHRA museum for one year. After that time he moved it to his private museum, sadly, never to be seen by the general public again. -- It's a cruel, cruel world!!!


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