1952 - This was Tommy Ivo's very first car; a brand new 1952 Buick Super. He bought this car with his movie earnings when he was sixteen! As a precursor of things to come, Tommy (immediately) fully customized it.



While my 52 Buick was still in primer, I painted big pink feet walking across the trunk. With assorted sized yellow polka-dots all over the rest of it. It did indeed get their attention - SHAZAM...!!!



1955 - This '55 Buick Century was Tommy's 2nd car, and his first trophy winner. At the local Drag Strip, with this Flyin' 55, he WON the first three times AND set a track record...!!!



1955 - TV Tommy Ivo's last STOCK raced-car. He only Drag Raced this '55 Buick Century a few times, then he had this idea for something new... When he started building his revolutionary 1925 T roadster, this racer was demoted to being a parts chaser.



1955 - He was next seen driving this very cool '34 Ford Roadster! Tommy Ivo bought this Oldsmobile powered 1934 Ford roadster while building his T bucket. Why? Well, because he just couldn't wait to drive a street hot rod...!!!



1956 - TV Tommy Ivo'sT roadster - World Record Holder:
Winning all these trophy's with this 1925 T bucket "set the hook for life" for TV Tommy. He became an integral part of the World of Drag Racing! This car set a record at every track it raced, and TV Tommy's T-roadster was never defeated in its class!



1957 - Ugly T roadster - to stop the protesting!
"They" jealously protested Ivo's impeccably detailed, beautifully constructed T for anything they could conceive (no fenders etc). So he built this 1925 T, as ugly as possible. Note the fox tails, mud flaps and ax. DON'T upset TV Tommy Ivo. Ever!



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