Tommy was at the first race of that years tour when his NEWBIE crew guy was pushing him up the track to make a run. He was so busy waving out the window at the fans, obviously thinking "Look who's driving the push-car". Scroll down for more on this...

Tommy stopped the dragster to turn around, but the new crew guy was still more interested in waving to the fans and BANG! He made this piece of art into ROAD KILL. The new guy was replaced from the second race on...!!!

At this race, the whole back half of the body fell off, right at the finish line. No, it wasn't a supercharger explosion (like what usually made the car into an instant convertible). Look, the blower's still on the car.

The crew had done a bad fiberglass job after the last explosion (that took the roof off). And now the windshield caved in on Ivo, taking the back of the body with it. It was like being punched in the face by Muhammad Ali!!!

Wow! Ivo could feel the shape of the goggles on his face for a week!

In retrospect, after towing cars far enough to go to the moon and back three (3) times, and nine-thousand (9,000) runs in his thirty (30) year career, these are really very few bad accidents...

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