This was one of those short, dangerous back east tracks that Tommy ran on during his first tour in 1960. If you could call them TRACKS...!!! Here they would use an uphill shut off to help slow the cars down. Nice...!!!

If you didn't get stopped by the top of the hill, they had telephone poles and steel cables. These were to stop you from going off a sheer cliff, then into a bottomless pit - GERONIMO!!! And, of course, Ivo's chute didn't deploy...!!!

Tommy was almost stopped by the top of the hill and didn't want to tear-up the front end by hitting the poles and cables. So, he veered right and just poked the front end over the edge, then hung up on the rear tires.

That was a close one! Don Prudhomme, his crew guy on that trip, was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Tell me that Cadillac doesn't look like The Grapes of Wrath, with that canvas bag on its roof.


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