There was this big explosion that came from the rear of Ivo's car. What!!! The engine was up in the front. What made it go BANG in the back? He looked down and the drive line was OK, then BANG, it happened again...!!!

TV Tommy Ivo was ahead in the race. What happened then was that (his competitor in the other lane) Tim Kushi's body support failed and it all came crashing down on his engine (trapping Tim's throttle wide open) and his right front tire, steering Tim into the back of Tommy. Into Ivo he went...

The first bang came when Tim hit TV Tommy Ivo, the second when he rolled up in Ivo's chute and hit him again. They slid off the track together and Tommy got out and ran about 50 feet, only then turning to find out what in the world had happened...!!!

Ivo might've saved Tim's life, who was headed into the heavily forested right side of the shut off area, but fortunately (?) ran into Ivo instead. Look at the divots in Ivo's helmet - that would've left a MARK in his scalp. OUCH...!!!


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