1972 - First Rear Engine dragster ----- This was the FIRST dragster to break the 5 second barrier! AMT made a model of this TV Tommy Ivo Top Fuel Dragster, then made a second blue model (with a few body changes).


1973 - Blue Rear Engine Dragster
This is only one of two cars that were painted in colors other than hues of yellows, oranges, and reds. TV Tommy Ivo did this only because AMT wanted to make a second release of one of his blue Top Fuel Dragsters.


1974 -Sikora Rear Engine Dragster
This car had Ivo's worst crash ever. It rolled upside down and backward at the finish line, at 200 plus mph. Seen on the front page of this site, also under "Wild Crashes".


1975 - Rod Shop Rear Engine Top Fuel Dragster - This was Ivo's first major, big bucks sponsorship with Nationwise Rod Shop Dodge. The $$$ were nice, but, always the independent one, TV Tommy Ivo did NOT like losing creative control...!!!




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